Youth Voice


The Youth Voice Subgroup strives to reduce equity gaps caused by the racial, economic, and social injustices experienced by African American youth in the City of Providence through meaningful education and by substantively empowering youth voices.


    The Youth Voice Subgroup envisions youth, in the City of Providence, who think critically, serve and grow as social change agents, who challenge internalized, structural, and institutional oppression in their communities.

    Guiding Principles

    1. Respect others at all times
    2. Share all relevant information
    3. State views and ask genuine questions
    4. Explain reasoning and intent
    5. Focus on interests, not positions
    6. Test assumptions and inferences
    7. Discuss undiscussable issues.

    Policy Initiatives

    1. Youth Council
    2. Youth Summit/Day
    3. Civic Engagement Programs
    4. Prioritizing Black History Curriculum in schools
    5. Training & Education on Economics and Budgets
    6. Trauma Supports in Schools
    7. Supports Counselors not Cops
    8. Supports implementing a “justice” budget representing of community needs

    Youth Voice Subgroup Members

    Group Leaders:
    Ty’Relle Stephens, Gabe Mernoff

    Group Members:
    Brooklyn Toussaint, Jesus Nunez, Alondra Cepeda, Najeli Rodriguez, Gina Fisher-Cook, Mrs. Onye, Pilar McCloud, Sonia Thomas, Marciel Varona, Anjel Newmann, Jaychele Nicole, and Bryeshia Jenning

    Staff Leads: Kadeem Leslie, LaJuan Allen

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