Art and Culture


The Art and Culture subgroup believes that art must be at every table. Art is an instrumental in opening minds, bringing folks together and creative problem solving. The role of art and creativity in our lives cannot be underestimated because art connects our shared humanity. The position of art in social justice is clearly stated in the reminder that Funmi brings us with the words of the poet Larry Neal:

Black Art is the aesthetic and spiritual sister of the Black Power concept.”

    The Art & Culture subgroup is working on many different levels and projects. Two projects that happen outside of the meetings are a building sized historical photographs of young black RI women and an ALL-BLACK LIVES MATTER street mural to be installed this spring. Another focus is how they can get a better sense of how they can use their positions for advocacy, a survey is in the works focused on the importance of black artists and black owned arts organizations and what they need to survive. Additionally, the group is creating regular artful interventions for the larger AAA group to ease the hard work and pain of fighting injustice.


      Art and Culture Subgroup Members

      The group has been visited by many different folks throughout their tenure but the core group is:

      Valerie Tutson –
      Anjel Newmann –
      Jess Brown –
      Raffini –
      Funmi Aileru –
      Mary Beth Meehan

      Staff lead:

      Lizzie Araujo

        Our AAAG Members

        Alejandra De Paz, City Staff
        Anjel Newman - AS220
        Annette Alves – Federal Hill House
        Anthony Carrion – Dean of Students, Nowell Leadership Academy
        Brooke Waldron - Indigenous Community member
        Caterina Cable – Community member
        Cedric Huntley – Executive Director, Nonviolence Institute
        Celeste Johnson – Community member
        Chase Baptista – Providence Public School District
        Charles Newton – Administrator, State of RI
        Cheryl Galloway – The MET School
        Cheryl Isom-Wie – Director, The MET School, Coordinator, Consultant and facilitator at STEM Based Education
        Corey Brown – Providence Police Officer, Community Mentor, WE GOT NEXT
        Cris Potter – Founder, Red Rooster Solutions
        Crisolita Figueiredo – Community and Political Activist
        Deborah Harris – D.A.R.E
        Denise Debarros - Community Advocate
        Desmond Ranglin - JARI
        DJ Rukiz – The Juice 88.9 online radio
        Doug Victor – South Side Community Land Trust
        Dr. Adama Brown-Hathaway - UWRI
        Dr. Dannie Ritchie - MD, MPH Founder, Community Health Innovations of Rhode Island

        Dwayne Boo Hackney - It's on US/ No More Murder
        Elaina Scorpio - Tenant Network RI

        Elise Swearingen - Project Manager, Community Advocate
        Enrique Sanchez – BLM RI PAC, Reclaim RI, Prov DSA, Rhode Island Socialists, PSL RI
        Georgina Sarpong – Co-owner,Abundance Farms, Black Lives Biz
        Gina Fisher-Cook - State of RI Traffic Tribunal, Community Advocate
        Dr. Hume Johnson -CEO and Brand Strategy Partner at Hume Johnson Consulting LLC,RWU
        Jacob Brier - Historian
        James Monteiro - Reentry Campus Program
        James Vincent - NAACP
        Jamiere Wilson - Artist


        Jennifer Hopgood - Family Nurse Practitioner & adjunct professor at Simmons University
        Jessica Brown - RI School of Design, Jessica Brown Designs
        Jessica Vega – City Counsel Ward 5, Central Falls
        Joseph Bruce – Artist
        Joshua Avila - City Staff
        Julius Kolawole - African Alliance
        Justin Russillo - Realtor at Phipps Realty, Community Advocate
        k. funmilayo aileru- studio artist and freelance designer
        Kathleen Egersheim – Awakening Church
        Keith Stokes – Rhode Island Black Heritage Society/1696 Heritage Group
        Kenya Fullen – Dept of human services
        Kendra Ault – College Unbound
        Kenia Richards – Clinical Therapist, Community member
        Kie Hamrick – Community member
        Latifat Odetunde - Youth Advocate
        Marchae Belcher – Community member
        Marco McWilliams -Founder PBSS, Center for Reconciliation, the Swearer Center Brown University, College Unbound
        Marijoan Bull

        Mary Beth Meehan - Photographer, Writer and Educator
        Meko Lincoln - Amos House

        Michael Shepherd – City of Providence Staff
        Nicole da Cruz - Rhode Island School of Design
        Pamela Hughes – Mount Hope Cowboys
        Regina Clement – Delta Sigma Theta-Prov Alum
        Rochanda Delves- Community member
        Sade Lee – Community membe
        Sharon Morris – Omni Development Corporation
        Shirley Hood- Destiny Productions
        Sonia Thomas – Dunamis Synergy, West Elmwood Housing Development Corp
        Taritha Hill-Cooper – Simply Mom, Inc
        Teresa Guaba Community member
        Terri Wright- DARE

        Theresa Guzmán Stokes – Rhode Island Black Heritage Society/1696 Heritage Group
        Tiarra Mack – RI State Senate District 6
        Wayne Montague – WINN Residential

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