Thank you for your interest in learning more about the African American Ambassadors Group (AAAG). Mayor Elorza began meeting regularly with the African American Ambassador Group on May 14 to discuss the disproportionate number of African Americans impacted by COVID-19. Due to the population of our capital city of Providence, the virus impacted people hard and there was a great concern of our most vulnerable residents.

The group has since evolved to meet weekly and discuss and advance a social justice agenda for the City of Providence. This group you will be joining grew rapidly in numbers in a very grassroots way. Community leaders and allies quickly came together to meet weekly via Zoom to find ways to brainstorm, collaborate, and try to find solutions to unresolved issues that have been plaguing our city for centuries.

Over the last few months, it is clear that there is so much more work to do!

Ambassadors have created eight sub-groups regarding the areas in our city that need our immediate attention. Joining the Ambassador Group, you will be joining one of the following subgroups: Arts and Culture, Education Reform, Food Insecurities, Housing Insecurity and Eviction Defense, Internal Policy Reform, Mental Wellness, Police Advisory, Truth-telling and Reconciliation and Youth Voice.

Group Operating Norms

  • All members are required to fill out the engagement form and attest to agreement on guiding principles and group norms
  • Due to the updated version of Zoom, the waiting room feature will be enabled. Members who have filled out the engagement form will be allowed into the meetings. A first and last name is required to be admitted into the Zoom call.
  • Facilitators will redirect conversation to stay focused and stick to the agenda
  • Everyone has joined this group because this is our passion. It’s a privilege to be in this space among fellow community members.
  • One voice, one mic
  • A timer will be used during open discussion (when the timer goes off the mic will be muted)
  • If someone disregards guiding principles or norms, two warnings will be verbally given. If someone does not realign feedback, this will lead to being muted by the meeting facilitators. Similarly, if someone disregards principles and norms in the chat, they will be provided two warnings. If disregard continues, someone will be removed from the Zoom meeting and the Restorative Justice Committee will be activated.
    • Restorative Justice Committee is comprised of members of the AAAG. Committee members will meet individually with anyone who does not adhere to guiding principles or norms through a restorative conversation. If members do not feel an issue can be resolved, they may vote to remove a community member from attending future meetings until adherence can be met.
  • Step up and step back – give other members opportunities to speak their minds
    • Provide space for the quieter voices on the call
  • Assume good intentions
  • Tension is not always a bad thing and sometimes leads to growth. Tensions will be addressed immediately and will create teachable moments.
  • Challenge the idea and not the person – no personal attacks (per guiding principles)
  • Be respectful to other views
  • Come prepared with evidence, data and solutions
  • People have emotions, but we need to be respectful



Group Guiding Principles:

  • Attack the Issue not the Person
  • Bring your community with you
  • 3State views and ask genuine questions
  • Share all relevant information
  • Use specific examples and agree on what important words mean
  • Explain reasoning and intent
  • Focus on interests, not positions
  • Test assumptions and inferences
  • Jointly design next steps
  • Discuss undiscussable issues
  • Maintain confidentiality.
  • Collaborate internally and externally
  • Be decisive and bold
  • Maintain transparency
  • Be accountable to each other and to our communities
  • Members of the AAAG, when expressing their concerns, will refrain from speaking on behalf of the group or individual group members without the express consent of the group or group member

Our Members

Annette Alves – Federal Hill House
Anthony Carrion – Dean of Students, Nowell Leadership Academy
Brooke Waldron
Cedric Huntley – Executive Director, Nonviolence Institute
Celeste Johnson – Community member
Chase Baptista – Providence Public School District
Corey Brown – Providence Police Officer, Community Mentor, WE GOT NEXT
Cris Potter – Founder, Red Rooster Solutions
Crisolita Figueiredo – Community and Political Activist
Damali Metts-Ferruzola –
Deborah Harris – D.A.R.E
Desmond Ranglin
DJ Rukiz – The Juice 88.9 online radio
Dwayne Boo Hackney
Elise Swearingen
Enrique Sanchez – BLM RI PAC, Reclaim RI, Prov DSA, Rhode Island Socialists, PSL RI
Georgina Sarpong – Co-owner,Abundance Farms, Black Lives Biz
Gerald Perkins – Owner, Dominion Pest Control
Gina Fisher-Cook
Dr. Hume Johnson -CEO and Brand Strategy Partner at Hume Johnson Consulting LLC,RWU
Jacob Brier
James Monteiro
Jamiere Wilson


Jennifer Hopgood
Jessica Brown
Joseph Bruce – Artist
Joshua Franco
Juan Cameron
Julius Kolawole
Justin Russillo
Kathleen Egersheim – Awakening Church
Keith Stokes – Rhode Island Black Heritage Society/1696 Heritage Group
Kenya Fullen – Dept of human services
Kendra Ault – College Unbound
Kenia Richards – Clinical Therapist, Community member
Kie Hamrick – Community member
Latifat Odetunde
Marco McWilliams -Founder PBSS, Center for Reconciliation, the Swearer Center Brown University, College Unbound
Mary Beth Meehan
Nico Page
Nicole da Cruz
Pamela Hughes – Mount Hope Cowboys
Regina Clement – Delta Sigma Theta-Prov Alum
Richard Hemphill
Rochanda Delves- Community member
Sade Lee – Community member
Sonia Thomas – Dunamis Synergy, West Elmwood Housing Development Corp
Taritha Hill-Cooper – Simply Mom, Inc
Teresa Guaba Community member
Theresa Guzmán Stokes – Rhode Island Black Heritage Society/1696 Heritage Group
Tiarra Mack – RI State Senate District 6
Wayne Montague – WINN Residential