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Education Reform


To become a national model for African American and African-Diaspora culture that effectively provides the necessary services, programs, and engages the community in our Education for a truly Equitable Education System.


    Committed to intellectually, culturally, and socially inspiring the whole student toward excellence and success. Through programs, resources, services, mentoring and activities that foster a nurturing, supportive, and welcoming environment focused on students of African origin. Moreover, we are dedicated to engaging the broader community, the surrounding black community, and the world for balanced student and leadership development enjoined with the promotion and distinction of the academic excellence and self-actualization of our Providence Youth who are the Leaders of today.


      Members of this group have created and follow these guiding principles:

      • Attack the Issue not the Person
      • Bring your community with you
      • State views and ask genuine questions
      • Share all relevant information
      • Use specific examples and agree on what important words mean
      • Explain reasoning and intent
      • Focus on interests, not positions
      • Test assumptions and inferences
      • Jointly design next steps
      • Discuss undiscussable issues
      • Maintain confidentiality
      • Collaborate internally and externally
      • Be decisive and bold
      • Maintain transparency
      • Be accountable to each other and to our communities
      • Members of the AAAG, when expressing their concerns, will refrain from speaking on behalf of the group or individual group members without the express consent of the group or group member

      Education Reform Subgroup Members

      Group members:
      Sherri Bevel, Terrell Osborne, Shane Lee, Katie Jones – Big Brothers Big Sisters of Rhode Island (Big Sister), SistaFire (member), RI Dept of Education- Education Specialist , Keith Lancaster, Arnold Kee, Chace Baptista, Tracy Miller, Whitney Terrill

      Staff support:
      Barbara Mullen, Providence Public School District and Jillian Fain, City of Providence self-actualization of our Providence Youth who are the Leaders of today.

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