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Food Disparities


We envision food sovereignty for Providence’s BIPOC community- rights to healthy and culturally-appropriate food produced through ecologically sound and sustainable methods, and the right to define our own food and agriculture systems- that eliminates food insecurity and hunger.


The mission of the Food Disparities group is to reduce food inequalities faced by the Black and African American community in Providence.

The group is focused on identifying and closing gaps in the Providence food system that result in food inequities for Black and African American people. Initial steps are developing components of a community food systems assessment, including a community survey to measure individuals’ interest and engagement in facets of the food system, from growing to purchasing to home cooking of healthy foods, including participation in school meals, senior meals, food pantries and other food sources. The group intends to engage with local Black and African American growers to identify and assist in the development of cooperative support systems.

In October and November, the Food Disparities Subgroup conducted a survey of more than 100 community members, including food pantry clients, about food sovereignty issues in the Black & African American Community. Survey results and open discussion will be shared at a remote community meeting in early December.

Next steps will include focus group conversations with BIPOC farmers and gardeners to determine strategies to support existing growers and increase participation in food production by the BIPOC community.

Food Disparities Subgroup Members

Community Leader:
Jazandra Barros

Group members:
Dr. Dannie Ritchie, Jose Rodriguez, Annette Alves, Vernon Martin, Quatia Osorio and Georgina Sarpong

City staff:
Rachel Newman Greene

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