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Internal Policy Reform


The Internal Policy Sub-Group reviews, assesses and advocates for progressive policy reform that ensures equal opportunity for African Americans in the City of Providence. We use quantitative data and current outcomes to lobby for changes that promote social and economic justice and increased engagement for African Americans.


    • We envision a future where all city of Providence and State of Rhode Island policies and procedures represent, reflect, improve and mobilize the socio-economic, racial, and cultural life of African Americans.
    • Where African Americans have a political voice, cultural recognition and a sense of place in Rhode Island;
    • Where African Americans are empowered in decision-making that impacts our lives, and where our concerns and thought leadership are included and reflected in city and state policies.
    • Where there is transparent, engaged, and bold policy reform led by the African American community that creates a socially and racially-just society for all.
    • Ultimately, we seek to ensure equal opportunity, social and economic justice as well as full citizenship and representation for African- Americans in the City of Providence and throughout the State of Rhode Island.


    • The Internal Policy Sub-Group will review, assess and advocate for progressive policy reform that ensures equal opportunity for African Americans in the City of Providence.
    • We will lobby to change existing policies that disenfranchise African Americans as well as establish and champion new policies that promote social and economic justice for African- Americans in the City of Providence.
    • We will engage African Americans, through information gathering and sharing, in the establishment and review of policies that impact our lives and community.
    • We will hold citizens and our city government accountable in providing information, resources, and funding to support the effective establishment and implementation of policies.
    • We will review the impact of policies through quantitative data and individual narratives.


      • Change policies and procedures
      • Ensure equal opportunity and appropriate representation of all citizens
      • Assess policies and procedures
      • Advocate for progress change to structures that have disenfranchised neighborhoods and communities
      • Lobby for a cultural recognition and sense of place for African Americans
      • Identify and implement sustainable strategies that will improve and mobilize the socio-economic, racial and cultural life of African Americans
      • Identify immediate policy gaps that will create tangible change in the circumstances of the African American Community, and bring it to the attention of city and State authorities
      • Consult with appropriate stakeholders, and engage African Americans in Rhode Island in decision-making that impacts their lives
      • Engage in effective information sharing
      • Measure the impact of policy through a focus on individuals, using oral histories [as well as qualitative + quantitative data] – to tell their stories and the story of the city of Providence
      • Make recommendations in current policy as well as establish new policies and procedures to empower and advance the citizenry of Providence, the community and provide thought leadership for change within the state of Rhode Island
      • Promote full citizenship for African Americans in Rhode Island as a socially and racially progressive State through successful policy reform
      • To lobby for a cultural recognition and sense of place for African Americans
      • Be a beacon which sheds light on internal policy leading to equality and equity–including but not limited to issues surrounding access, employment, equal representation, education and all economic and social justice – with thought leadership that is adopted into the larger practices the state of Rhode Island
      • Expansion and utilization of the Mayoral fellowship program.  The internal policy group recognizes fellowships and internships as one of the best gateways to City employment for African American applicants

      The Internal Policy Sub-Group welcomes other sub-groups to attend weekly meetings. Internal Policy is committed to supporting other sub-groups with their ideas and projects. 

      Dialogue with The Youth Voice Sub-Group provided them with an opportunity to share their ideas and provided them with feedback on how to build and expand their sub-group.

      Internal Policy Subgroup Members

      • J’Juan Wilson – Youth Empowerment Society JJUANtheBRAND™️ / Internal Policy Community Leader
      • I. Lanre (Lanre) Ajakaiye – Team Providence Travel Boys The official RIYBA travel team for the City of Providence- R.I.S.E Women’s Leadership Conference/ Internal Policy Thought Leader
      • Nicole Purcell – Community Member/ Internal Policy Thought Leader/Administrator
      • Nkoli Onye – Board Member, OASIS African Cultural Center Vice President, Nigerian Community of Rhode Island PRO, Mgbako Anambra of Rhode Island Principal, Gilbert Stuart Middle School
      • Jim Vincent – President of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP)]
      • Wanda Brown – College Unbound
      • Dewayne “Boo” Hackney – Community Member
      • Janice Falconer – ImpactRI / Internal Policy Community Leader
      • Katie Jones — Big Brothers Big Sisters of Rhode Island (Big Sister), SistaFire (member), RI Dept of Education- Education Specialist

      Staff Support:

      Shawndell Burney-Speaks, LaJuan Allen and Olayinka Oredugba

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