Mental wellness


We envision a world in which there are no systemic barriers to positive mental health in the African American Community.


The African American Ambassador Mental Wellness Group will address the immediate and unique needs of the African-American Community.

The group is currently focused on a re-examination of practices professionally, culturally, medically and educationally as it pertains to Black adolescents receiving services. A specific focus is on addressing behavioral health staffing and services within Providence Public Schools; as well as therapeutic school placements outside of the public-school system. The group’s efforts are in response to the Providence School Health Needs Assessment (2020) that indicates a strong need for increased and better coordinated behavioral health services for Providence students, especially Black youth. Providence School Health Needs Assessment

    Mental Wellness Subgroup Members

    Group leaders:
    Melodie Thompson, Sal Monteiro, Larry Warner

    Group members:
    Bev Mills, Vernon Martin, Maryann Fonseca, Jill Van Leesten, Adama Brown-Hathaway

    City staff:
    Obed Papp, Joshua Avila

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